» Distributing Food.

» Distributing Clothes, Linens, Soaps and Towels.

» Organized Blood Donation Camps.

» Organized free-health check-up plans in slum areas.

» Distributing Clothes to Children.

» Provided Stationary and Book in slum areas.

Share at Doorstep

Be the reason of someone’s happiness. Donate clothes, food, toys, books, stationary or shoes. Just fill-in the form by clicking on schedule button below. Our team will get back to you to schedule your pick up donations.


Amidst Covid-19

COVID-19 exposes a harsh reality. Shutting down has led to many daily wages workers to struggle and making it difficult to buy food items. ANANTAYA SOCIETY, extends it helping hands admist COVID-19. We offered support and counsel on spreading humanity and bringing smiles through the crisis.