what makes us special

Founded in year 2019, Anantaya Society has been working for rural India and women empowerment. We strategically emphasis on promoting quality healthcare, proper sanitation, food drives and sustainable livelihood opportunities to the needy.

Life is a journey where what you share is more important than that what you collect. This mantra is the driving force for us at ANANTAYA. Let’s share and make this world a bit better, a bit more beautiful, a bit happier by sharing and doing a little bit of what we can. We want to bring a smile on anyone whom we connect. Today, there are 815 million people in the world who don’t have enough to eat. Every year around 8,500 children per day die due to poor nutrition. India (According to WHO) suffers from annual deficit of two millions blood units, as only 1% of India pollution donates blood each year. We in India need people to come forward and help our society so that people in India have a better living. With this aim and mission ANANTAYA SOCIETY want to lend our helping hands to reach families and children who are in desperate need. Anyone can join us by Volunteering us, Donating us Funds, Food, Clothes, Toys, Shoes, Soaps or just their valuable time to fight poverty in India.




Team Anantaya has laid its foundation on the most pious literature of Indian Culture that is Indian Constitution. We believe that if we are able to follow and practice what our Constitution expects us to do, we will be able to do greatest service to the our Mother Land. The Fundamental Rights which we want to ensure should be made available to each citizen specially those on the margins of society are Right to Freedom, Right to Equality, Right against Exploitation, Right to dignified life & Health life are few rights for which we want to focus on.